Adventure Kids Club

Children love coming to Grace Baptist Church! They will enjoy a welcoming environment, engaging teachers and workers as well as understandable Bible lessons.  It will not be long before Sundays and Wednesdays are the highlights of your child's week.   

Club Meetings

Sundays at 9:30AM

Every Sunday morning our Sunday School meets to give children a chance to catch up with each other, share prayer requests and learn a Bible lesson. These lessons are designed to help your child know who Jesus is, how much He loves them and what He has done for them. Lessons also include other Bible stories and subjects.   

 Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Wednesdays at Adventure Kids Club are an exciting opportunity for children to learn about God and have fun doing it. Every club meeting includes a meal, game time, rally and music time, Bible time, a missionary adventure story, prizes, awards and final scoring. Children will enjoy the variety and energy of each club meeting!    

VBS Children

Adventure Camp

We host Adventure Camp (formerly Vacation Bible School) once a year during the month of June. It is five exciting nights of music, drama, games, crafts, snacks and a Bible lesson designed to help children know Jesus Christ. On the final night we hold an outside fair with game booths, face painting, a prize tent and free food and beverage concessions. 

Adventure Camp begins on Sunday evening and continues through Thursday night. Doors open each evening at 6:15PM. Registration is available on our website no later than the May 1 each year. Transportation is always available upon request.

2021 Adventure Camp: June 13-17 at 6:15pm

Are your kids ready for Adventure Camp?

Then they won’t want to miss a minute at The International Spy Academy, the most exciting place around! At The International Spy Academy, kids will learn how to be agents of the one true God as they enjoy songs, wood crafts, games, goodies, and dramas.

The International Spy Academy promises to be filled with excitement, so contact us today! We’re calling all cadets to join us and become agents of the one true God!