These are general messages preached in the pulpit of Grace Baptist Church by Pastor Josiah Kagin and the pastoral Staff.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
God's Provision Phillippians 4:19 Pastor Al Anger 2010-06-26
Church Makes Me Glad! Psalm 122:1 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2010-06-26
The Perfect Father Luke 15 Pastor Robert Shaw 2010-06-19
Hindered Prayer Topical Pastor Robert Shaw 2010-06-19
The Blessings of Obedience Proverbs 28:9, 29:18 Pastor Robert Shaw 2010-06-12
Memorials Exodus 13 Pastor Robert Shaw 2010-05-29
Our Relationship to Christ through His Word John 14:15-27 Pastor Robert Shaw 2010-05-22
The Sin of Booze none Billy Sunday 2006-03-27